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God's General's Of The Faith
Asa Alonzo Allen - A. A. Allen
"The Miracle Man"- Asa Alonzo Allen was born on a stormy Easter morning, March 27, 1911. His parents Asa and Leona, decided to name him after his father and his father's uncle, a Presbyterian minister. His name was the only connection to God that his parents gave him, and they certainly didn't think he would end up a preacher. But Asa Alonzo would arise from out of the little known region of Sulphur Springs, Arkansas, to become one of the most sensational revivalist of modern time.

John Alexander Dowie - "The Healing Apostle"
John Alexander Dowie was born May 25, 1841, in Edinburg Scotland. His Christian parents Mr & Mrs. John Murray Dowie, named him what they hoped he would grow up to be: "John" meaning "by the grace of God", and "Alexander", "a helper of men." Born in poverty one would have to see through the eyes of faith to ever believe what was to come in the future for this small child.
At the age of six young Dowie read the bible through from cover to cover. Deeply convicted by what he had read. At a tender age of seven, Dowie received his call to the ministry but he didn't yet know how to answer. John Alexander Dowie was a reformer and a revivalist. This kind of calling has to see results because of the passion for God that burns so strongly within them.

Maria Woodworth Etter - "Demonstrator of the Spirit"
Maria {Pronounced "Ma-ri-ah," not "Ma-ree-ah"} was born in 1844 on Lisbon, Ohio. She was born again at the beginning of the third great Awakening at the age of thirteen. The preacher who led her to the Lord prayed that her life "might be a shining light."  But little did he realize that this little girl he had just prayed for would become the grandmother of Pentecost Movement that would spread throughout the world.
There hasn't been a greater demonstrator of God's spirit since the book of Acts in Pentecostal history than Maria Woodworth Etter. She was an incredible woman of vision and spiritual strength who stood in the face of fierce opposition, lifted her tiny hand and allowed the Holy Spirit to spread His fire. She lived in the realm of the spirit as powerful vessel of God's divine leading His supernatural manifestations. She was a faithful friend of Heaven.

Evan Roberts - "Welsh Revivalist"
Evan John Roberts was born on June 8, 1878, into the staunch Calvinist-Methodist home of Henry and Hannah Roberts. A revivalist spirit was built immediately within him. Evan's parents had a strong influence of cultivating that spirit and nature within him. His nature was one of excellency and sensitivity. The family was known for their love of God's word and hard work. 
Each family member, no matter how young, had his own well-worn bible.

Charles F. Parham - "The Father of Pentecost"
Charles F. Parham was born on June 4, 1873, after his birth in Muscatine, Iowa, his parents William and Ann Maria Parham, moved south to Cheney, Kansas. They truly lives as and considered American pioneers. The miracles that occurred in Charles Parham's ministry was too numerous to record. Multiplied thousands found salvation, healing, deliverance and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
When he proclaimed to the world in 1901 that, "Speaking in tongues was the evidence of the baptism of the Holy Spirit," the Pentecostal truths of the early church were wonderfully restored. But the evangelist paid a price for it, the relentless backlash of persecution and slander Parham endured throughout his life would have destroyed others of lesser character. But for Parham it only served to strengthen his hardened determination purposeful faith.

William J. Seymour - "The Catalyst of Pentecost"
 Serving as the "catalyst" of the "Pentecost Movement" in the twentieth century, William J. Seymour turned a tiny Los Angeles horse stable on Azusa Street into an international center of revival. Because of the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues was a major part of the meetings held there, Seymour became the leader of the first organized movement that promoted this experience.
At the Azusa, Blacks, Whites, Hispanic, and Europeans all met and worshipped together, crossing formerly impossible cultural lines. Although the success of the revival was short lived we still enjoy it's fruits. Azusa remains a common word within God's household.
Centerville, Louisiana, is a southern bayou town only a few miles from the Gulf o Mexico. On May 2, 1870, a son was born in Centerville to Simon and Phyllis Seymour. They had only been freed from slavery a few years earlier, so William was born into a world of horrible racial violence.

John G. Lake - "A Man Of Healing" 
He was born March 18, 1870, in Ontario, Canada. One of the sixteen children, he moved with his family to Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, while still a young boy. His parents were strong vigorous people who were blessed with wonderful health. But a spirit of infirmity and death had gripped the rest of their family. Eight family members, four brothers and four sisters died from illness. For 32 years some members of our family was invalid, Lake wrote: During this period our home was never without shadow of sickness. His boyhood was filled with memories of, sickness, doctors, nurses, hospital, hearses, funerals, graveyards and tombstones, a sorrowing household, broken-heart mother and a grief stricken father, struggling to forget the sorrows of the past in order to assist the living members of the family who needed their love and care.
After leaving his ministry in Africa on returning to America, his ministry efforts had produced 1,250 preachers, 625 churches, and 100,000 converts, the exact number of miracles that occurred in his ministry could never counted on earth. The statistics are a result of a five year ministry.

Smith Wigglesworth - "Apostle of Faith"
Raising the dead was only one amazing facet of the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth. This great Apostle of faith walked in such an astounding measure of God's anointing that the miraculous following his ministry was only secondary to it. In his lifetime, this one time plumber would give new meaning to the word "Adventure." Adventure's only requirement? "Only Believe!"
Smith was born June 8, 1859, to John and Martha Wigglesworth in the small village of Menston, Yorkshire, England. Smith's family was poor, his father worked long hours to support his wife, a daughter, and three sons.

Aimee Simple Macpherson - "A Woman of Destiny"
Aimee Simple Macpherson has been described as a woman born before her time. Actually Aimee was the spiritual pioneer who paved the way for the rest of us should be considered largely responsible for the way we demonstrate Christianity today. Aimee defied all odds. Her life story portrays her as a woman alive and dramatic. There was nothing mellow about her. To her a challenge was fair game to be taken and conquered.
She rode on the wave of media and actually directs its course. If publicity seemed bad she hyped it further, smiling all the way. If everyone warned her against doing something, she was apt to do opposite, reusing to bow to fear. In fact there was nothing too radical for Aimee Simple Macpherson. Whatever it took to get the people Aimee did it.
She sat with "publicans and prostitutes," showing up in places where the average Christian afraid to go. The poor, the common, and the rich all loved her for it, and they showed up at her meetings by thousands.